In a recent publication, the National Safety Council noted that the failure to control potentially hazardous energy during routine service and maintenance accounts for nearly 10 percent of the serious accidents in the industrial workplace, and results in the death of more than 120 people each year in the U.S. This high incidence of injuries and fatalities has prompted OSHA to vigorously enforce Lock-Out/Tag-Out regulations. Lock-Out/Tag-Out currently ranks third on the list of OSHA standards most frequently violated. It is now considered a "top priority" for inspectors. OSHA has issued nearly 30,000 Lock-Out/Tag-Out citations and levied penalties in the amount of $36 million dollars to companies violating energy isolation standards in recent years.

ALL companies must have a Lock-Out/Tag-Out policy, at the power source, for all equipment servicing and setup. The purpose of the policy is to establish an orderly process for shutting down and restarting equipment in a manner to minimize safety risk.


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  The POWER/BLOC lock-out system by Safety Design is made to adapt to any and all molded circuit breaker panels - foreign, domestic and custom designed. The POWER/BLOC is a pre-formed aluminum U shaped channel (up to 21") mounted to the center bar, or outside breaker rows. This will accommodate Stop-Pins and will restrict the movement of the breaker when put in place. Stop-Pins are designed to fit an infinite numbers of breakers and can be field cut to fit any breaker layout, piggybacks, GFI's or splits. Permanent installation is easy and low-cost with the use of adhesive - and can be done without removing the panel cover. Safety Design's POWER/BLOC can be retrofitted to foreign, domestic and custom designed panels that have been built by any manufacturer and will permit the lock-out of any size molded case circuit breaker switch.
  POWER/BLOC  provides:
  -  A unibody design with no moving parts
  - Stop lock pins designed to restrain breaker movement horizontally or vertically
  - Pin holders for stop lock pins when not in use
  - Safety yellow warning notice labels
  - Easy installation with the use of adhesive (Panel covers need not be removed when using adhesive for installation)
  - Additional parts available to allow lock-out of multiple breakers with a single padlock, or the capability to lock-out a circuit and keep panel door closed when extensive maintenance is required.
  - Safety Design will do a site survey with a written proposal at no charge, and custom fit, cut, package and label each panel in your facility.
  POWER/BLOC  comes in two types:
  1. The POWER/BLOC High Profile (PBHP) models are for distribution and lighting panels - (120V, 208V, 277V, 480V, 600V)
  2. The POWER/BLOC Low Profile (PBLP) models are for load centers, single phase - (120V, 240V)
  The PBHP 12 is 21" long with a medium height of ¾". The PBLP 12 is also 21" long with a maximum height of 9/16". Both models have two vertical sides containing 48 enclosed T-shaped slots. Either model can be field cut to required lengths, or factory will cut to specified model lengths at no additional charge. The individual slots will take up to a ¼" padlock shank, or gang locks, which will insert into the enclosed T-slot, holding the lock pins in place.

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