POWER/BLOC Installation
(Inside Mount)

Make sure that the panel face or insert is flush with all breakers and not warped out of alignment, and is also clean and dry.

Measure to the center of the top or first breaker(s) (Fig. A) and mark, then measure to the center between the first and second slot from the top on the POWER/BLOC (Fig. B) and mark.

Place the POWER/BLOC in the middle of the center bar of the panel (Fig. A). Align the center line mark of the POWER/BLOC with the center line mark on the center bar between the breakers of the panel. Attach to the panel with adhesive. If there is more than one part for this panel, attach the longest part on top first. Match the colored ends, then align the second part and attach to complete the panel. Pins will be held in place by padlock, or gang lock with ¼" shank