Adhesive Installation

POWER/BLOCs are secured to the panel front by use of adhesives furnished with the order, and additional adhesive kits are available. The adhesive allows installation without removal of the panel front. Line up POWER/BLOC as directed. After application, limited use can be achieved within 20 minutes.

Wipe the surface. Be sure it is clean and dry. Solvent is not normally required.

Two part adhesives are supplied in a dual syringe plastic glue cartridge. To use, simply insert the cartridge into the tube holder and start the plunger into the cylinders using light pressure on the trigger. Next, remove the cartridge cap and attach the mixing tip to the cartridge and begin dispensing the adhesive.

Normally, a 1/8" bead of adhesive down the center of the POWER/BLOC is sufficient adhesive. Wipe the excess adhesive immediately. Application to the substrates should be made within 2-5 minutes. Larger quantities and/or higher temperatures will reduce this working time.

Once adhesive has been applied to a surface, it is best to join the two mating surfaces together as soon as possible.

Join the coated surfaces and allow to cure at 60 degrees Fahrenheit or above until completely firm. Adhesive will fully cure in 24 hours at 75 degrees Fahrenheit.

Keep parts from moving during cure. Contact pressure is necessary. Maximum shear strength is obtained with a 3-5 mil bond line. Excess uncured adhesive can be cleaned up with ketone type solvents.

Recommend holding in position for 30 seconds. After the 30 seconds, do not move or relocate the POWER/BLOC. This is detrimental to the ultimate adhesive bond. Check the bond after 20 minutes.




Glue Gun Setup